A Year In Giving


Injustice is apparent, a need for change is urgent, and governmental institutions are not always working in our collective interest. This much is obvious. It’s these moments we have to realize that the real power to change the world starts with changing ourselves and extending a hand to our community. Uniting locally connects us globally.

A Year In Giving is an open call for submissions to artists, poets, designers, and illustrators to bring visual voice to oppression of all forms. Together we can build community through diversity, empathy through art, and to provide a cathartic space for creatives to give of their talents for a world we love. We are not powerless in the face of oppression, we are the ones who see it for what is is, and can give voice to the narrative. The printing press and poster art have always been at the heart of revolution, and now is a time of revolution through art and activism.


Organizations that protect the rights we love, the freedoms we fight for, the culture artists create, and the environment that holds and nurtures us, are all about to face dramatic change. We know it’s up to us to stand together and protect what matters. As funding gets cut for these organizations, affording the visual voice necessary to help communicate their cause, to arm protests, and to aid funding their work will be limited. A Year In Giving is a battle cry for artists, to express their hearts on causes that concern them, and to allow organizations that fight for what we love to be empowered through our art for our causes.


Artist partners choose a social theme that appeals to them, and submits the art based on the guidelines found on the submission link below. The art is uploaded to a galley and provided for free download to any organization or group that needs the power of effective visual voice. Whether the art arms a protest, communicates on behalf of an organization's mission, or is wheat pasted to our city walls, this art is our freedom of speech, to fight for freedom, and that is a right we can't have taken away.

Case Study

I will be curating the submissions into letterpress prints that will be for sale through this site to fund efforts for partner organizations in need, pay artists, and keep this project going. The art prints will be framed and collected into a public gallery show annually to raise public awareness around the causes, the narratives, and the artists that belong to this community. This will be a collaborative process with every involved creative and organization.

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Themes for exploration


This project is fiscally sponsored by c4 atlanta, and is 501c3 tax deductible. all contributions you make to support this project financially will be awarded a tax letter of contribution.

The project is also sponsored by and mohawk paper and black rabbet framing.

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