Impact Facilitation

Community By Design

Community By Design

Imagine a world where compassion is our compass. A world designed with shared power. A world without sexism, racism, or homo/transphobia, and their inherent violence is removed from our language & behavior. A world where each of us is valid and our differences are celebrated. Where we are responsible for ourselves and accountable to each other. A world designed by community for community. Community By Design is a presentation focused on digging deep into our sense of identity with and understanding intersectionality, privilege, and how we build more equitable and compassionate social systems with environmental sustainability always in mind.

Impact Workshop Sessions


Envision Your Impact

Explore any problem statement or pain point to discover all existing relationships and valid perspectives surrounding this problem. Make sure every voice is heard, and you always keep your beneficiary in mind. Build diversity and inclusion into your decision-making, avoid unintended consequences, to execute your shared vision with positive and measurable outcomes.


Plan for Impact

Good intentions are not enough to make a positive impact. Every project needs a clearly defined plan of activities & outputs for measurable impact and a story worth sharing. This session leaves no stone unturned. It explores past solutions to innovate on future outcomes. We can succeed on our goals when we know exactly how we're going to get there and who is accountable for their part. By the end of this session everyone willbe pointed in the same direction, and know exactly how they contribute to your shared vision.


Diversity & Inclusion for Positive Impact

Subconscious bias is a reality of our world that many are grappling with understanding. This workshop series explores the complexities of invisible identity, societal privilege, understanding -isms, and how to develop deeper levels of empathy to show compassion to everyone around us, and how we can bridge our differences to foster a more equitable world.


Our Impact on the Environment

We are not separate from our environment. We depend on it every day to sustain our lives. This workshop series is focused on how our environment can become more sustainable with our every creative decision. We as individuals, groups, and local communities can create a better world by understanding the founding principles of sustainable design and how they can impact our creative process and foster a more vibrant and resilient world for all of us to live in. This session explores assets, resources, and effective partnerships for creating sustainable outputs and closed-loop systems.


Board & Team Retreats

Culture is a part of our identity, whether that is the culture of our family history, or the culture of our work environment. This session makes sure you're all pointed in the right direction, seeing your vision the same way, using the same language to achieve your goals, and aligning each member of your organization towards the passion of your collective purpose.


Custom Impact Session

Do you have a complicated creative problem seeking innovative solutions? Would you like to host an impact workshop for your team or community to gain a shared vision and creative alignment? Are you wanting to make an existing project more meaningful to your community? Together we’re capable of moving mountains when we’re all pointed in the right direction. Our impact process is designed to do all of this and more. Submit a problem statement and together we can create a custom workshop unique to your needs.

Impact Workshops & Commercial Value

all letterpress products and impact services are a pay-what-you-can sliding scale to support a range of socio-economic statuses. A non-refundable deposit of $5.00 is required to hold both parties accountable to the inquiry.

Lenspeace has always offered sliding scales, partnership agreements, and negotiations to organizations with passion & purpose. Don't let money stand bewteen us and impacting community, just talk to me. I believe there is always a solution to every problem.


Impact Consulting Services

Would you prefer more personalized attention. Do you have a project you want to unlock the potential of? Do you want to avoid unintended consequences? Do you believe you are getting in your own way to successful outcomes? Are you curious what blind spots may be causing unnecessary failures or set-backs? You can hire me for some one-on-one time to build a strategy you can grow with.

Impact Intro 1-on-1

I may not be able to solve all of your problems, but I can give you meaningful insight that you can act on and help you make a plan of action to make your vision real. No judgement. This is a safe space to hash through the pain points that keep you stuck and strategies that can help you grow.

Impact Mentorship

Do you want more time than just one session? Would you like to be privately trained in the impact process? Do you want to learn to think this way so you can find opportunities to improve the world wherever you go? I can give you personalized guidance for any project, npo, or small-business at your pace, but it's about 6 months to fully process on a living project.

Book a session with Lennie using the form below. We can talk price once I know whether or not I can help you. Please share the basic idea for your project in the comments field on the second step of check-out, and Lennie will be in touch to determine how we can share power to make a positive impact.