Monthly Subscription

Would you like to get a surprise packet of art mail delivered to you every month? Sign-up for the Monthly CSA share and you’ll receive cards and small art prints from a national art & design community. We want to fill your life with a little dose of delight each month to dispel some of the madness we see occurring in the world. You can share the love or pin it up on your walls and keep it for yourself.

For $15 a month, we’ll send you handcrafted art made with love. The charge will recur each month, but you can cancel or pause your subscription at any time. We encourage you to contribute to the #FreeArtFriday movement and leave bits for free around your world if you receive something that isn’t your favorite. Nothing needs to go to waste, we can all leave art ripples in the world while we support a community of artists seeking to create a better world. Shipping is included.

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