Face Mask

IMPORTANT NOTICE: While we strive to always be supportive members of the community, we will be taking a 7-week hiatus from producing masks from Wednesday, July 22nd through Tuesday, September 8th. All orders currently in the pipeline will be completed on time and any new orders coming in during our hiatus will be produced when we return. We thank you for your patience and patronage.


  • 6 Sizes - Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Canary, Watermelon, Calabaza, and Pumpkin (see sizing graphics for details)
  • Pouch for additional filters (disposable face masks as filters, coffee filters, blue paper shop towels)
  • Removable nose wire (remove when boiling mask). Can be replaced with pipe cleaners, twist ties or any other thin adjustable wire.
  • Adjustable ties for a better fit
  • No plastics or elastics are used in these masks to make them sterilization-friendly


  • Measure from the bridge of your nose to just under your chin. This will help ensure that the mask doesn't shift when you speak.
  • If you're close to the measurement for a mask size, it's best to go up a size to ensure a better fit.
  • Please leave a comment if your measurements are smaller or larger than the options shown. We will try to accommodate you, but we can't guarantee that we can make a mask that fits you.


  • Due to the nature of COVID-19 and the limited supply of masks available, we suggest boiling these masks in water before your first use, as well as before each additional use. Use a large pot and enough water to make sure it doesn’t all evaporate away. Leave the mask in the water for several minutes and swirl it around occasionally with tongs. Helpful Instructions
  • We have purposely limited how masks can be added to the shopping cart. We're only two people so we'd like to avoid predatory shoppers buying out our entire supply in one order. If you would like to order more than 10 masks, please contact us to make arrangements.
  • We can't guarantee that we have enough of each fabric to fulfill each order as requested. If you've ordered a mask in a fabric which is no longer available in your size, we will contact you to ask for your new fabric preference based on what we still have available.
  • We've made our best effort to follow CDC guidelines while making these masks; however, we can't guarantee that wearing our masks will protect you from COVID-19.
  • These masks are made-to-order, so please allow 7-10 business days before they are ready for shipping or delivery.
  • Delivery is only available for customers in the metro Atlanta area based on your zip code. There is a $2 delivery fee to cover the cost of gas. Deliveries are made once a week.
  • We will do our best to accommodate special requests; however, we can only fulfill them based on what time and material resources we have available.
  • These masks are made with reclaimed and repurposed fabrics. If you'd like to donate any fabric for masks (old pillow cases or sheets), please contact us.
  • These masks are handmade so there might be slight imperfections.

Suggested value $15.00

What size is your melon?

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