Identity, Empathy, Community, & Branding Being

How does a personal brand foster self-actualization, serve community, and support your dreams?

How can you use your personal story to foster personal power?

How do you begin designing your life by designing yourself?

How do you control your narrative for personal & professional empowerment?

How can vulnerability be an advantage?

Lennie Gray Mowris founded Lenspeace with the intentions of exploring humanity through communication arts and rebuild herself back from a near-death experience that caused her to completely reinvent her life at the age of 28. During the last 10 years as a studio Lenspeace has become a design collaborative and think tank supporting the efforts of purpose-based organizations and creatives in finding confidence in their voice, honing their practice, and achieving their dreams. But, this talk is not just an origin story, it’s also the design life strategy that Lennie employed to recover from trauma, rebuild her identity, and manifest a design studio from nothing to create and serve community using design thinking methods.

This will be a ZOOM webinar, so please download the app or gain access to the platform to utilize the link that will be sent with instructions in a follow-up email.

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