My Impact on Community

As individuals many of us are struggling to understand implicit bias, how it impacts the people around us, our own lives, and our organizations. This series of facilitated impact sessions exposes all aspects of privilege from language to behavior in order to become better stewards of our actions, and compassionate members of the communities we serve. These sessions create a safe space to dig deep into defining this culture and provide actionable strategies to help dismantle these cultures to create a more equitable and sustainable world.

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Session Topics:

Community By Design:

How do we design with and for community? How do we make sure that our intentions are well matched to community needs and available resources? Community design is all about relationships, and effective communication. Learn to be a leader that understands real change comes from collective effort.

Dismantling White Supremacy Culture:

We live in a world born from the blood of slavery, displacement, and exploitation. The principles of a supremacy mindset have been written into our belief systems, laws, practices and processes with a negative impact on our society and environment. As those on the receiving end of this oppression and dehumanization continue to fight for their rights to exist, it is important to understand what defines this paradigm so that we can rewrite our story together and foster lasting systemic change towards a truly equitable world. If we are to create social change for a greater good we need to understand how this mindset has been woven into our ideas of business modeling, economics, resource management, and organizational leadership so we can create a future that doesn’t perpetuate the violence of our past.

Envisioning A World Without Supremacy:

How do we gain shared vision among a diverse group of people? How are we sure what we’re planning is what the community wants or needs? How do we build an actionable plan that our creative group can all be accountable to? Developing a shared vision is essential to fostering sustainable community change. Develop a cohesive strategy that avoids unintended consequences and fosters revitalization alongside community input.

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