My Impact Roundtable

My Impact Roundtable

Times are crazy changing and we have so much to talk about! Join Lennie every Thursday in May for a weekly online discussion about social impact and sustainability. Be a part of the lenspeace creative community that seeks to co-create a better world together. Bring your questions about social issues for group discussion, help get your problem statements answered, pain points relieved, or be a fly on the wall and listen to open discussion about the practice of designing for the greater good.Below are the general themes we'll be focusing the discussions on.

All you need to join is access to zoom. Sign up on our pay-what-you-can-system and if for some reason you can't attend, we'll send the video recap out to you. We're grateful for everyone who has been joining our MY IMPACT discussions throughout covid on various platforms and are excited to be creating a safe space for casual conversations about making an impact on things that matter for your lives, creative practices, and communities.

May 6, 2021

Intro to Sustainable Design Principles. Let's begin to share some language about sustainable creativity, and discuss some of the biggest problems impacting society from our daily choices and institutions.

May 13, 2021

Connecting Social & Environmental Responsibility. Let's dig a little deeper into the relationship between social and environmental concerns, the role capitalism plays in creating social inequities, and how partner and asset mapping can help us reclaim our power from these systems to create new methods of engagement that respect the environment as an essential factor for our success.

May 20, 2021

Envisioning Change. Once we understand the problem and the conditions we're existing within we can begin to imagine what we would do differently. How can we solve this problem utilizing what we already have to work with in our local communities? How can we uplift those who need it most in the process to foster self-sufficiency and positive community development?

May 27, 2021

Defining the Path Forward. Many design practices ask us to think of the result we want to have and work our way backwards from there. Learn how the practice of backcasting can help us imagine the future we want and the many paths our choices can create on our way to get there. And how to focus our attention to manifest a new future together with fewer unintended consequences.

This roundtable series is a donation-based event in our Pay-What-You-Can community events with a suggested value of $15.00. All proceeds go to support future events, content releases, and our work fostering community impact. These sessions will be recorded and sent to attendees in case they are unable to make the event.

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