Tips For Talking to Sexism

AKA: Communication strategies to get respect for your ladythoughts with manhumans who don’t seem to realize you have a fully functional ladybrain that’s attached to eyeballs, education, experience, talent, and a deep well of creative power.

AKA: How to overcome your own bias as a manhuman and help #WomenLead.

Sexism is everywhere, and it’s an issue we have to address together. Women have internalized sexism every bit as much as men. It reduces our capacity to negotiate our worth, avoid toxic relationships, or even take care of ourselves. Men, don’t even know when they’re engaging in sexism most of the time and having effective communication strategies can help us manage that reality and even break the bias. Based off of the collective experiences of women working within design and other areas of pro-creative, this session explores verbal micro-aggressions, physical behaviors, and how to combat them with humor and style. Designed to affirm and inspire women, while educating men on what we experience in our professional practice to learn how to stop being the men we’re all complaining about on the internet, and instead be the men we celebrate as allies and champions.

March 14, 2020


GENERATOR is located on the ground floor of Telephone Factory Lofts in unit L1. For driving directions use the GPS address below: 809 Ralph McGill Blvd NE Atlanta. GA 30306

This workshop series is a donation-based event in our Pay-What-You-Can community events. All proceeds go to support future events and our programs fostering community impact.

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