Do It Now.

We have experienced in just a few days the gutting of women's rights and the environmental protections we hold sacred. We are witnessing a war on poverty, which will impact the health and quality of life for many who already struggle. But we're smart, we're creative, and we want to work together. The task is effing huge and feels overwhelming at times. But together, we stand a chance.

These are the societal problems it's up to us to solve:

We always had the power in our hands

Washington is going to burn what we love to the ground anyway, but we can raise it from the ashes and make it ours. If we want it badly enough to pay taxes for it, we can want it badly enough to put some sweat equity into it. We're the creatives who build everything anyway, they don't, they just run their mouths and sign papers. Getting involved locally to address these concerns gets us involved with our local governments and organizers too. Washington was never going to lead us through grassroots revolution.

We continue to do the work we've already been doing, being kind and decent human beings to one another. Filling everyone you have within your reach with the love and support we all need. The government doesn't fund compassion and humility, our hearts do.

Questions For Organized Vision