Positive the Negative

This year has felt like 1000 years all compressed into one. Good news is harder and harder to come by as headlines overwhelm us with pending doom. Covid continues to distance us further as we debate public health vs. individual freedom even though 200k deaths have occurred. 2020 has caused a massive transformation to occur in daily habits, family life, and career goals for many people; especially me. This last year has provided some much needed clarity for myself. I’m a bit behind on launching some of my promises, but I’m allowing myself the space to feel all of this out as unexpected life events continue to shape my choices alongside the best solutions for the problems being faced. I’m trying to practice more patience, kindness, care, and rest to counter the forces working against us. Turning lemons into lemonade, or as I like to call it, positate the negative.

Impact design is a process that turns a negative outcome into a positive one. It’s a field of design that explores the impacts of unintended consequences, embraces failure as an opportunity, and it believes that a better world is possible if we work together. At a time when it seems as though everything is at risk— our environment, social systems, even our sanity— those of us who can help are responsible for showing up in the world right now. Now is the time to get really uncomfortable in an effort to restore balance. The work that needs doing can’t possibly be achieved by one person or even a single group of people. It takes all of us, doing everything we can.

I have mostly been known as a printmaker, graphic artist, and community organizer. This has been transitioning recently as my training in impact design and empathy facilitation become my more valued skillsets. In August, the universe delivered a mighty blow to my print studio when it flooded with blackwater and I lost nearly all of my inventory. To me it was a clear sign that change was inevitable. But my work requires transparency and honesty to work, so as I rebuild my life and studio, I want to talk about the design practices I facilitate to invite everyone into a different side of lenspeace for a new way of looking at ourselves within the world. Every month I'll be running sessions from three lenses of engagement, My Impact On: Myself, Community, the Planet. Through these three lenses we'll learn to become better people for each other, create safe spaces for others to feel included within, and reconcile conflicts within troubled times with empathetic communication. The goal of these sessions is to find a deeper level of love for ourselves and each other, with actionable strategies to help us achieve our creative goals and to build a community of individuals that believe in creating a better world together.

Check out our workshop section for more information.

My Impact On Myself

are empathy building sessions to become better people for ourselves and each other. How do we unlearn patterns of speech and behavior that keep us from being the people we intend to be? How do these subconscious behaviors and beliefs hold us back from actualizing our true potential?

My Impact On Community

are collective identity & shared power focused sessions designed to help us learn better communication skills for navigating diverse groups of people and aligning shared visions. These workshops center collaborative outcomes with respect to individual differences.

My Impact On the Planet

are sessions designed to teach us to be regenerative rather than extractive in our practice and process. How are we thinking about sustainability in our everyday lives, and the decisions we make about materials and resources every single day.