Impact Design

What is Social Impact Design?

A process of exploring connections and uncovering pain points to foster alignment and resiliency from discord. A methodology empathetic to the needs of the community you intend to benefit. It aims to build inclusivity, set a measurable course of action, and considers the unintended consequences of every decision throughout the creative process. Whether you're an indie creative working with a small group or aligning an entire community with a range of stakeholders, the impact process helps you achieve your goals, design a better world, and tell more impactful stories while creating meaningful work.

What Can It Do?

The process can facilitate a creative solution to any human problem, including solutions for some our most pressing social issues, such as...

Domestic violence
Food desert and access to quality nutrition
Prison reform
Public health
Race and gender equality
Diversity, inclusion, and accessibility
Recycling and conservation
School-to-prison pipeline
Support for artists
Veterans issues
Voter registration and participation
Water access and safety
Any reality that is unmet or needs clarity, advocacy, and/or a voice

We Believe

Good design respects the following four pillars of humanity, and our goal is to create beauty in the world while integrating them into every phase of development.

Protect and restore the natural habitat we share with all life.

Create equitable opportunities for all humans regardless of age, race, sex, orientation, or status.

Respect and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of shared narratives.

Create resilience and growth in the local, regional, national, and global trade systems.