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We stand out as creative individuals. We stand together in activism. We overlap passions and skill sets. Every day we impact ATL. We beat the rhythmic heart of social change. We carry the legacy of the civil rights movement. We are the creative souls of Atlanta.

WE IMPACT ATL is a call to our entire community to become more sustainable in our outputs, more responsible to our society, more mindful in our communications, more inclusive in our processes, and more impactful in our work. This program is designed to bring the cultures of art, design, and activism together to strengthen the work we already do for a city we love.

This program is facilitated by impact strategist, Lennie Gray Mowris, to make the combined practices of sustainability, art philanthropy, equity-centered design, and civic engagement accessible for the larger ATL creative community on concerns relevant to our city. This program is fiscally sponsored for a tax-deductible 501(c)3 status by C4 Atlanta.

Code of Ethics for WE IMPACT ATL

WE IMPACT ATL is an inclusive space.

  1. We ensure all voices are heard.
  2. We actively listen and respect differences of opinion.
  3. We use "I" statements.
  4. We lean into discomfort.
  5. We address the issue, not the person.
  6. We are honest and embrace honesty.
  7. We don’t abuse other’s information without their knowledge or consent.
  8. We assume positive intent.

Can we help you make an impact?

Program Overview
Step 1. Partner with an NPO or purpose-centered project.
Step 2. Facilitate an Envision/Plan session to uncover problem/needs statements.
Step 3. Develop sustainable implementation strategies leveraging local assets.
Step 4. Deliver a complete impact strategy for the project team’s internal execution.
Step 5. Develop capital campaign to support implementation with small collaborative teams created from the strategy sessions.
Step 6. Implement trategic vision alongside existing leadership.
Step 7. Tell a compelling story to inspire the growing culture of social change.

Goals of Each Session

I Need Help Impacting ATL

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We’re seeking volunteers, community partners, creative talent wanting to get training in impact, corporate and private fiscal sponsorship, marketing support with partner organizations. All of the funds and assets secured will be utilized supporting working artists, minority-owned businesses, and investments directly within ATL’s social change communities.

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