Lenspeace specializes in social impact design strategy, design thinking facilitation, brand development for purpose-driven organizations, and handcrafted communications. We provide the following services to those who seek to better the world through their work in it. No matter where you are in the creative process we can help you…

  • unlock your growth potential, explore new solutions to old problems
  • facilitate hard conversations to manifest alignment from disagreement
  • create custom communications that fit your needs
  • lead a workshop to help you see your blind spots
  • provide one-on-one strategy consulting
  • support fundraising efforts for your project

We Offer

  • design thinking facilitation
  • social impact strategy
  • presentations and public speaking
  • brand assessment
  • identity design and brand strategy
  • traditional graphic design services
  • narrative development
  • specialty communications crafted from our own letterpress studio
  • live printmaking & creative confidence workshops
  • event planning and fundraising strategy

How Does Impact Strategy Work?

The best outcomes of this process involve a diverse group of individuals who all have a perspective to offer on the problem. This includes active leadership, community or group members, victims, storytellers, and even the perceived source of the problem. The intention is to hear every voice until we can resolve the conflict together with a solution everyone agrees to. This fosters trust and commitment to get the project from collective pain to positive outcome. What I need from you to make this process work is…

  • People
  • up to 20 people in the room who have a perspective on the issue
  • the more diverse the group of people, the better the outcome will be.
  • Problem
  • 1-4 problem statements/pain points from the organization being
  • served to focus the group towards resolving them together.
  • Time
  • 2-hrs minimum for an entry-level session for insights into issues
  • One 6-8hr day for an intro workshop-insight into full plan
  • 2-days for a deeper dive workshop.
  • 10-20 weeks to complete a full implementation from problem
  • statement to implementation.
  • Space
  • Classroom, gallery, loft, or warehouse with ample wall & floor space.
  • I Can Provide...
  • Space upon request
  • Facilitation Materials
  • Detailed breakdown of strategic outputs for your use
  • The creative team required to implement a full-scale project

What Are The Possibilities?

  • Envisioning Your Outcome
  • A general format to help you run from initial assumptions to a general plan for activities & outputs, with metrics for success.
  • Planning Activities & Outputs
  • Carry your project’s vision forward and develop an actionable plan for execution which includes the impacted community.
  • Integrating Diversity & Inclusion
  • Build diversity & inclusion into your organization or project outcomes for measurable impact.
  • Designing With Community
  • Communities are a wealth of assets with problems to solve. Food deserts, arts education, public safety. Facilitate a solution with community ownership in mind to foster independent growth.
  • Time & Priorities
  • Time is a finite resource. How we manage that time relies on our ability to prioritize and adapt. Our process informs us as we pursue it, this session is about developing agility.
  • Self Care
  • It’s easy to get lost in the mix. Following other people’s lead, standing by our commitments to ourselves and our time. How to build personal strategies that help us become better creatives.
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Healthy relationships with strategic partners is essential to any business. Learn how to source, connect, and align with individuals and groups for collective good.
  • Areas of Impact
  • Strategies for discovering, defining, and approaching social or environmental problems and how to avoid causing more damage to our fragile systems.
  • Sustainable Implementation
  • How do we make sure we’re supporting local economy, reducing our footprint, and considering the unintended consequences of our creation? Learn the parameters. and metrics to consider and track for environmentally responsible design.
  • Measure + Pivot For Success
  • Know what to measure and learn when to pivot when outcomes don’t match expectations to turn a past pain into a future success.
  • Custom Impact Session
  • Do you have a complicated creative problem seeking innovative solutions? Would you like to host a design thinking workshop for your team or community to gain a shared vision and creative alignment? Are you wanting to make an existing project more meaningful to your community? Together we’re capable of moving mountains when we’re all pointed in the right direction. The Path to Impact is designed to do all of this and more. Submit a problem statement and let me create a custom workshop for your needs.

What Are The Fees?

Impact Strategy

  • 1-on-1 consulting $100 per hour
  • On The Fly $250 session
  • 1.5 hr Lunch N' Learn, with a small group.
  • 1/2 Day Workshop* $500
  • Full Day Workshop* $1500
  • 2-Day Weekend Workshop* $2500
  • 10-20-wk full process w/creative implementation $Custom Pricing

*Partnership agreements and sliding scales are available for fee negotiation on collaborative workshops and serving low-income communities. I never want money to stand in the way of doing good.

Identity Design & Branding

  • One-on-One consultations with any single team member is $100 per hour.
  • Base design rates for strategy & design services is $250 per hour.

How Do We Create Impact?

While we are a full-service independent design studio and can offer you any single piece of the design puzzle, we specialize in multi-disciplinary, comprehensive creative projects. For our creative process to work, we have to get intimate. We’ll often be exploring narratives that build empathy, explore close human relationships, and collectively unpack pain, as well as systemic social problems. We strive to provide the right solution for the project to uncover solutions that serve humans being. What we uncover or come to understand isn't always pretty, sometimes the truth is uncomfortable. To do our best to create a safe space for your community or personal relationships, we need you to introduce yourself.

Please Tell Us:

  • Who you are.
  • What you want to create.
  • How you wish to serve.
  • Why you need our help.
  • When you’d like to have it manifest in reality.

You can also tell us anything you think we should know to help us know you better.

Why Should Lenspeace Be Trusted?

We understand that past experience means a lot. Take a look at some of our allies & former collaborators:

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