Creative Time With Lennie


Printmaking allows for nuanced communications that can calm the complicated, caress the sincere, and bring levity to the serious depending on which spell you wish to cast.

Studio Time is a way I can share this with you, during a 4-6 hour session I attempt to provide you the space to amplify your voice while continuing the mission of lenspeace—to use art to create and serve community, while shining a light in the dark, and bringing visual voice to the unheard.

Typeset letterpress

Do you have something specific you'd like to express? I can teach you the tradition of letterpress with handset type, and you can give voice to what you'd most like to express, whether it is a simple greeting, a short poem, or a personal mantra.

Custom plate letterpress

Do you have a digital design you'd like to letterpress? Maybe it's your wedding package, an art print, or a poster? Letterpress is like screen printing and we do 1-color at a time. So if you have simply b&w art, such as drawings, calligraphy, or digital designs, we can get a die created and print your own design. Do you need design help? Custom art is available.

Hand cut block letterpress

Are you interested in learning about printing with woodblocks, lino cuts, or other forms of relief printmaking? I have all the tools to teach you how to print and carve your own blocks and print with your own art. We can explore multiple techniques for relief prints, and can even combine them with simple handset type to create your own mixed media print piece.


Monoprinting is fun, versatile, and simple. There are so many ways to pull a monoprint. We can use cyanotypes, drawings, blocks, and experimental techniques with ink. We can even combine this with simple type phrases to make a mixed media print and something truly unique. Perfect for artbook covers, gifts, and other personal expressions.

Book craft

In a bind? Want to learn how to pull your ideas together? I can show you multiple ways to create a handmade journal of your own with plenty of interesting embellishments from beads, and old prints to little envelopes for secret pockets. I'll show you how to collect the sheets, stitch them together and bind them in an art cover you created!

Let's get creative…

Don't know what you want to do? Never done anything like this before? Want to get a couple of friends together and just have a playdate? We can work that out. A bottle of wine or a sip of whiskey, a evening with friends, and a bountiful playground of personal expression. We can listen to music, dance around the studio, sip some drinks, and simply have a great time getting crafty. Whatever I have to use in the space is available.

On-Site Art Booth

Having a party or running an arts event? I can bring printmaking to you! Bring out the inner artist in anyone, I can teach the basics of monoprints in a party setting and everyone can walk away with art they created.

Studio Lessons & Rental Policies