a year in giving 2015

a year in giving 2015

A Year in Giving 2015

Injustice is apparent, a need for change is urgent, and governmental institutions are not always working in our collective interest. It's these moments we have to realize that the real power to change the world starts with changing ourselves and extending a hand to our community.

My design and printmaking studio was made possible through the generosity and support of countless people. Building it taught me the power in numbers and the need to pay it forward. In the spirit of its creation, lenspeace presents A Year In Giving.

This project has been conceived as a collaboration between my studio and my creative tribe as a way of making art that serves humanity and creates community. I've been working within the field of sustainability and social innovation for the last 10 years. I'm currently in collaboration with designers all over the United States, creating art to serve the non-profit organizations we're passionate about, for causes we believe in.

Each resulting print is themed and designed for the mission of a specific non-profit organization. A minimum of 50% of the proceeds will be donated to benefit their cause.

if you are a designer or organization and would like to participate, please get in touch.

organizations currently participating in a year in giving

atlanta bicycle coalition
atlanta community food bank
east lake foundation
living walls
neighbor in need
plywood people
southern center for human rights
lost and found youth
trees atlanta
the giving kitchen
lifeline animal project
dekalb rape crisis center
street grace

our sponsors

mohawk paper
good thinking atlanta

our creative partners

angela mitchell aquino
denise brown
nakita pope
jade walter
cherry laurel studio
sarah lawrence
scott fuller
miya bailey
theresa davis
rachel kaylee pendegrass

Proud to be partnered with Mohawk Paper for A Year In Giving.

Proud to be partnered with Mohawk Paper for A Year In Giving.