Strategies to Get Your Shit Together

Are you trying to get a grip on your life amidst the seemingly endless chaos? Join the party. At the end of 2019 I burned out so hard I honestly didn't know if I would create again. Then 2020 happened, do we even have to talk about that? As a strategist I did what I do best and I began utilizing my practice to redesign my life. I started hosting informal sessions online with IGTV to help others focus their energy on where they have power to act. These sessions proved to be so helpful that I'm turning them into a formal remote-learning class so anyone who wants to take their power back over their life can share in the process with me.

This body of work is rooted in several areas of strategic development to help us get a clear understanding of our humanity and purpose amidst all the mess, so we can cut through the emotional clutter and take our power back from situations that no longer serve us. Life is too short to live without loving it. This process has proven itself too many times not to share it.

This series is for anyone who is...

Themes We'll Cover:

I want to invite you into a safe space to discuss how we come back to ourselves when everything falls apart. This series will will include a first look into the process I used to go from burnout to brilliant. You are also getting a preview of an online course launching in 2023 and the accompanying articles will serve as the backbone for the book I'm writing. Instead of waiting forever for those final design goals to be completed, I want to let anyone who misses working with me join the process for a pay-what-you-can rate delivered directly to your inbox! Read about my pay-what-you-can system for equity pricing.

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