My Impact on Community

Creating Compassionate Cultures— Session Breakdowns

These sessions are part presentation and part workshop facilitation. They are designed to help organizations gain a clear understanding of the blind spots implicit bias can create, how they impact our decision-making, policies, and practices. These blind spots trigger the social responses contributing to social resistance movements demanding change.

Creating An Identity Map

Create shared language around identity and gain a visceral awareness of how privilege manifests in a group dynamic to address the issues together to build resilient and compassionate teams capable of creating effective strategies that move us towards shared goals.

Creating Compassionate Cultures

So many of our business, social, and economic models were created with only one identity represented in the room, leaving out the perspectives, cultures, beliefs, and humanity of literally everyone else. These ideas have been woven into how we do business on every level and even how we communicate. This session exposes rules and practices we have the power to redesign in order to benefit and support everyone in the room.

Envisioning Inclusive Outcomes

Developing a shared vision is essential to fostering sustainable community change. This session is designed to provide a cohesive envisioning strategy with an executable plan that avoids unintended consequences and fosters revitalization alongside community input.

Session Support

With each session (in-person or online) we will provide your group with the following: personalized facilitation for your group, a session summary, worksheets and support materials for on-going development, one 30-minute follow-up video call.

Session Bookings & Costs

I create custom experiences with custom prices. Let’s set up a date to get to know each other better and discuss.

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