My Impact On Myself

Embracing Empathy & Creative Confidence

A better world is created by better people. Self-actualization is essential for healthy relationships, group dynamics, and a healthy society. Knowing our sense of self helps us become better listeners, and communicate our needs more effectively to others with respect and care for everyone around us. These workshop sessions are framed with exercises founded on principles of identity design, emotional intelligence, empathy building, trauma recovery, and compassionate communication, to help us own who we are, and effectively communicate ourselves with kindness, dignity, and love even in the most complicated moments of life.

These sessions can be facilitated as a short lunch n' learn workshops, ½ and full day workshops for focused team attention on specific areas of development, or they can be paired to build a multi-day session that focuses on your collective needs. These sessions are perfect for board retreats, team-building workshops, and on-going training.

Session Themes

Session Support

With each session (in-person or online) we will provide your group with the following: personalized facilitation for your group, a session summary, worksheets and support materials for on-going development, one 30-minute follow-up video call.

Session Bookings & Costs

I create custom experiences with custom prices. Let’s set up a date to get to know each other better and discuss.

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