My Impact On The Planet

We are not separate from our environment, we depend on it every day to sustain our lives. This workshop series is focused on how our environment can become more sustainable with our every creative decision. We as individuals, groups, and local communities can create a better world by understanding the founding principles of sustainable design and how they can impact our creative process and foster a more vibrant and resilient world for all of us to live in.

Whether you are new to sustainable design or consider yourself an eco-warrior these sessions will help you unlock the potential of your projects.

Session Themes:

Developing Shared Language

Defining the same words the same way is the first step to creating a shared vision for social change. Often times our best intentions fail because we simply don’t see the same ideas the same way. 
Environment | Resources | Revitalization | Biodiversity | Sustainability | Recycling | Repurposing| Innovation | Symbiosis

Intro to Sustainability: Connecting Social & Environmental Responsibility

Sustainable design gets lost in translation when we don’t connect it to the needs of people. This webinar session is designed to help us understand how social responsibility and environmental sustainability are connected. This relationship is essential to the understanding and resiliency of both design disciplines. Come see how a history of unsustainable mindsets continues to foster our socially and environmentally unsustainable world. This session is a part 1 presentation to frame the problems of sustainability and our follow-up session Envisioning Sustainable Impact continues to reframe this idea to take our power back.

Envisioning Sustainable Impact

How do we get from project idea to sustainable output? What questions do we need to ask? What frameworks help to clarify our sustainability goals? How do we make the thought process of sustainability accessible to our everyday lives and decisions? Once the problems of sustainability have been framed we are better able to make conscious choices about how to design a more sustainable and inclusive world. This strategy webinar teaches the basic frameworks and thought processes behind sustainable creativity and how we can begin to make better choices to create a better world.

Mapping Your Project

Do you have a project you’d like step by step guidance with? The thought process behind sustainable design takes a bit of time to research and build clarity. These sessions are designed to help with living projects seeking sustainable outcomes. With your problem statement or project in hand we’ll work out the kinks together until we’ve created a story worth telling.

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With each session (in-person or online) we will provide your group with the following: personalized facilitation for your group, a session summary, worksheets and support materials for on-going development, one 30-minute follow-up video call.

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