Lennie Gray Mowris, she/they
Magically Disgruntled Manifestor

born: 1980

vegan: 25+ years

sustainable/graphic designer: 20+ years

printmaker: 15+ years

travel: 43 states, China~twice, England, Australia, Costa Rica, Dubai, Canada

languages studied: Spanish, Italian, HTML, CSS

things I've done for money: server, arborist, farm & nursery worker, tropical fruit farm tour guide, project manager, kitchen manager, baker, model, graphic designer, design for print & web, photographer, printmaker, design strategist, facilitator, public speaker, design strategy course instructor, producer

creative practices: printmaking & letterpress, photography, graphic design, film & motion graphics, sewing, organic gardening, cooking & preserving

proficiencies: theoretical—design strategy & facilitation, public speaking, bringing hope and compassion into uncomfortable topics, solving complex problems with limited resources, seeing a problem from all sides and reconciling for the common good

practical—designing thinking methodologies~10 of them, adobe programs~7+ of them, vintage graphic arts & printmaking, visual design & storytelling, photography, print & digital design, power tools

mantra: "I don’t just break rules, I redefine them."

course instructor: M.AD Atlanta, the school for unconventional thinkers. 

worthy of mentioning, prolly...maybe:

my what: My art practice is grounded in letterpress and the traditions of graphical communication. 

my intentions: are to use art as a tool for facilitation, use design thinking to solve complex problems, and demonstrate the power of collective action to create a better world for everyone. 

my inspiration: the power of each moment, the abundance of love, the human imagination, and the kindness found in strangers.