About Lenspeace

The Studio

A design and printmaking studio founded by Lennie Gray Mowris in 2010, lenspeace has grown into a collective of professional creatives with imaginative passion who combine talents to create projects centered around understanding the human condition and serving our global community. Through this space we intend to both laugh and cry at the pain, while seeking to shine a light. We love our work, each other, and making this world just a little bit better.

The studio features two vintage printing presses, a Kluge 12x18 production letterpress, her name is Fly, and a Vandercook SP-15 proofing press, named Victory. We also utilize monoprints, blockprints, and mixed media techniques. We play with paper, ink, paint, and ideas to craft communications that support the environment and humanity. Our friends play with design, words, video, code, and concepts to bring you the ideas generated here. Together, we manifest a spectrum of creative ideas.

Lennie Gray Mowris,
Magically Disgruntled Manifestor

I am and have been many things: an artist, an arborist, a model, a project and business manager, a farmer, an adventurer, a partner. My design career grew out of a desire to create artistic communications that serve people and their environment. For more than 15 years I have worked for natural health and sustainability-related organizations creating multi-disciplinary designs for a range of clients. As a result I specialize in a sustainable approach to print production, branding strategy and implementation, and essential communications.

My intentions are to solve problems, explore potential, examine identity, and create conscious art and design. I am inspired by masters of their craft, the power of each moment, and the kindness I’ve found in strangers.

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