kevin byrd — bear Peace & Resolution target practice come together or come apart purpose of human life panic plan the first & last word collection the last word the first word wobots collection Julia PK Pi, Lobo, & Lus Neil Vincent Walt Tom, Phil, and Jonny Amelia break-up collection lose my number i am keeping the dog you can keep the dog i'll be back for my things i faked it it's not me, it's you i've met someone we should see other people i want my shit back you should go i am keeping the cat you can keep the cat monsters collection Kip Julep Dag Cecil Trevor Oscar Scooter Libby three magic words collection i miss you never give up i forgive you you were right we are one i love you oh hell yeah! go fuck yourself breathe collection exhale inhale sol flow ember ripple flame viva love & light collection change is what we are the universe loves you i see my reflection in you your love transforms me weeping willow reach for the light so much